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Marilyn Monroe Fancy Dress Costumes and Accessories

Iconic Marilyn Monroe dress and wig

Like Norma Jeane, these Marilyn Monroe dresses and wigs will transform you into the iconic Marilyn Monroe. Modelled after her iconic ivory dress in the 60s, they’re chic Marilyn Monroe costumes. Want to turn heads as Marilyn Monroe? Or recreate that iconic photo? Select your costume here. 

She was more than an actress. More than a singer. More than a pin-up model. Marilyn Monroe was an icon. And nothing was more iconic than her innocent white dress and blonde hair.   

You know the photo. You know that dress. Marilyn Monroe is standing over a subway grate in Manhattan with the air billowing up her skirt. It’s one of the iconic images of the 20th century. The dress, a soft ivory cocktail dress with its plunging neckline was stunning. Arms, shoulders and back bare, it follows the natural waistline before flowing into a magnificent, pleated skirt.

Do you want the Marilyn Monroe dress? Are you ready to recreate the iconic photo? You can choose from Marilyn Monroe Dress and the Deluxe Marilyn Monroe Pleated Dress. They’re both iconic. But that’s not all you’ll need for a Marilyn Monroe costume. 

Marilyn Monroe was a blond bombshell. Or more accurately, she became a blonde bombshell—and you can too.  When the timid Norma Jeane walked into a salon in 1946, she asked if something could be done to her “brown and kinky” hair. So they lightened her hair, and lightened it again, and again, and again—soon she transformed from a mousy brown into a blonde bombshell. And that’s how Norma Jeane became Marilyn Monroe 

Like Norma Jeane, you can change your hair and transform into Marilyn Monroe—with her trademark platinum blonde hair. All you need is a Marilyn Monroe wig. You can choose from the Marilyn Monroe Bombshell WigDiamond Marilyn Monroe Wig, and Classic Marilyn Monroe Platinum Blonde Wig

Combine your Marilyn Monroe dress with your Marilyn Monroe wig and what do you have? Exactly. The ultimate Marilyn Monroe costume. Like Norma Jeane entering that salon, your transformation awaits. 

Our Marilyn Monroe costumes are: 

  • Affordable so everyone can become a pop culture icon. 

  • Available in multiple styles and sizes so you find the perfect fit. 

  • High quality, so you look like a Hollywood movie star. 

  • Shipped free and express when you spend over $30. 

  • Like any Marilyn Monroe film, satisfaction is guaranteed.

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