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Where's your 'Wally' costume? Find it right here.

Where's Wally dress-up costumes

Stop searching. Put down the magnifying glass.

Where is the best Where’s Wally costume? Right here. You found it. These are the highest quality and lowest priced Where’s Wally dress ups available. So if you want the best Wally outfit, you’ll find it here. You won’t be able to hide your delight. You'll be ready to go on a fantastic journey of costumed chaos!

You can now bring to life the hit activity. books by classic illustrator Martin Handford. Wally and his friends no longer have to exist solely in the crowd scenes of the famous line of Walker Books! Every book in the series provided hours of entertainment and our costumes are no different. 

What are the best Where’s Wally Dress ups? This classic Where's Wally Costume Kit is a winner, especially when you add the Waldo Hat and Glasses. Although, since Waldo is so hard to find, make the most of this opportunity and go with the Deluxe Where's Wally Costume

But where’s Wally Wenda? You found her too. She’s here with Waldo. You can dress up as Wally Wenda with this classic Wenda Costume, cutie Wenda Outfit, or girls Wenda Girls. Now we’ve got Wally and Wendy, the striped crew are almost complete. 

Did we lose Odlaw? Of course not. He’s here with Waldo and Wenda too. And his Where’s Wally outfit is here as well. You’ll blend in with the bees in this Odlaw Mens Costume  or Odlaw Boys Costume. Finally, here at Blossom Costumes, the Where’s Wally family is all together. 

What next? Since we finally found Waldo, we thought we’d ask him some rather pertinent questions. After all, he must be hiding some juicy secrets. 

Here’s what we learned about Waldo. Firstly, he wears stripes because he doesn’t want to be spotted. Secondly, he doesn’t have a mobile phone so Google Maps can’t track his location. But why did he start meditating? So he could find himself. 

At Blossom Costumes we have both the juiciest Waldo secrets and the best Where’s Wally costumes. But you better be quick and grab your outfit before Waldo hides it.  

Our outfits are:

Available in a range of sizes—for Waldo, Wenda, and Odlaw. 

  • Affordable. You won’t find better prices anywhere.   
  • Delivered express to your door if you spend over $30. If only finding Waldo was that easy. 
  • High quality costumes. It’s only fitting that the master of disguise wears the best outfits. 
  • Hassle-free returns for 30 days to ensure your satisfaction. How can we offer that guarantee? Easy—we have nothing to hide.
  • Ready to pay with Afterpay so you can split the cost into four interest-free payments. Like finding Waldo, Wenda, Odlaw, and woof—it’s a win-win-win-win.

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