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Oktoberfest accessories so ‘beer-utiful’ they'll raise the roof

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With each passing Oktoberfest, the bar maids are getting saucier, the lederhosen is getting sexier, and the beers are getting tastier (and with each stein). The bar has been raised. 

So how can you stand out this Oktoberfest? Pull up your socks, tighten your suspenders—and add some epic Oktoberfest accessories to your outfit. With a hat so badass and beer accessories so beloved—your Oktoberfest accessories will raise the roof.

The beautiful yet badass Bavarian hat

Every German head is crowned with a Bavarian hat for Oktoberfest. While the Bavarian hat is beautiful, it’s also badass. Once upon a time, the hats were decorated with brushes made of Gamsbart—taken from a goat as a hunting trophy. The bigger your brush, the better hunter you were. That tradition evolved into adorning the hat with a flower or feather. Long feathers became a status symbol. So today, you can choose from a selection of beautiful yet badass hats:

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