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Penguin Costumes

Our Favourite Aquatic, Flightless Birds

Waddle into fun with Blossom Costumes’ delightful range of penguin character outfits, perfect for men, women, and children! Whether you're preparing for Halloween, a themed party, or just looking to add a chill to your costume collection, our penguin costumes will have you flapping with excitement.

Happy Feet Costumes

Dance your heart out as Mumble, the tap-dancing penguin from Happy Feet! Our Happy Feet costumes are perfect for all ages and capture this beloved movie character's adorable and spirited essence. With Mumble's distinctive black-and-white colours and joyful personality, these penguin outfits are ideal for dance parties or any event that needs a bit of penguin pizzazz. Get ready to slide into fun and show off your best moves!

Penguins of Madagascar Costumes

Join the covert and comical operations of Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private with our Penguins of Madagascar costumes. These full outfits are perfect for both children and adults who love the mischievous and adventurous penguins from the hit series and movies. Whether you're planning a themed party or just want to add some laughter to your day, our costumes will let you waddle into action and bring the fun wherever you go.

Pingu Costumes

“Nu, nu!” Step into the whimsical world of Pingu with our adorable Pingu costumes. Perfect for kids and adults who adore the quirky claymation penguin, these costumes capture Pingu's charming and playful personality. This penguin fancy dress features orange feet, typical black-and-white fur and a signature orange beak. These outfits are great for themed parties, school events, or any occasion that needs a touch of nostalgia and whimsy. Bring Pingu's adventures to life and spread smiles all around!

Accessories for Your Penguin Costume

Complete your penguin transformation with the right accessories! Blossom Costumes has everything you need to make your penguin costume egg-stra special:

Flippers and feet

Enhance your costume with realistic flippers and penguin feet for that authentic look.

  • Soft, black flipper gloves to mimic penguin flippers.
  • Orange, webbed penguin feet covers for waddling around.

Beaks and masks

To bring your penguin character to life, top off your outfit with detailed beaks and masks.

  • Cute, yellow beak masks for a classic penguin look.
  • Full-face penguin masks with beaks and eyes for a realistic touch.

Hats and scarves

Add some warmth and style with character-specific hats and scarves.

  • Cozy knit hats in black and white to match your penguin costume.
  • Striped scarves in shades of blue and white for a fun, wintry look.

Tuxedo details

Give your penguin costume a touch of class with tuxedo-like details and bowties.

  • Clip-on bowties in classic black or bright red for a formal flair.
  • Tuxedo bibs with button details enhance the costume's elegance.

Why Choose a Costume from Blossom Costumes?

At Blossom Costumes, we’re all about making your costume experience fun, easy, and unforgettable. Here’s why we’re the coolest choice for your next costume adventure:

  • Inclusive Sizes for Everyone: Our collection includes a broad spectrum of sizes, ensuring that everyone, from the youngest kids to adults, can find their perfect fit and join in the fun.
  • Premium Quality: Crafted from top-tier materials, our costumes are designed for comfort and longevity, allowing you to enjoy them again and again.
  • True-to-Character Designs: We meticulously create costumes that reflect each character's unique details and charm, ensuring an authentic look.
  • Budget-Friendly: Our competitive prices make it easy to indulge in high-quality costumes without straining your wallet.

Choose Blossom Costumes for all your penguin character costume needs and make your next event ice-cold and unforgettable! Shop all of our bird costumes.

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