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Stomp around at your next fancy dress party

Blossom Costumes is where fantasy meets fashion with our dazzling array of dragon costumes! Perfect for Halloween, themed parties, or any event calling for a touch of mythical magic, our dragon costumes are designed to make you stand out with style and creativity. Dive into our collection and unleash your inner dragon with options for men, women, and children of all ages!

Embrace the dragon within

Our dragon costumes are more than just outfits; they're a gateway to a world of imagination and power. Crafted with detail and vibrant colours, each costume embodies the spirit of these legendary creatures. Whether you're looking for fierce, fearsome, whimsical, or magical, Blossom Costumes has a dragon for you.

Men's dragon costumes

Our men’s collection features robust and majestic designs, perfect for portraying the mighty dragon. With costumes ranging from realistically scaled bodysuits to armour-like dragon warrior outfits, you can choose how to make your mythical mark. Embrace the throne of fire with our elaborate costumes and all the regal detailing you need to roar at any event.

Women's dragon costumes

Delve into the mystical with our women’s dragon costumes, designed to combine elegance and power. From enchanting dragon queens to fiery dragon mistresses, our costumes offer both full suits and elegant, scaled dresses. Add a touch of glamour with shimmering fabrics and intricate wing designs, perfect for anyone looking to rule the skies.

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