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Make sure your grand designs incorporate these glorious home decor items

There have been many home decor trends in recent years. For a while, it seemed like everybody was hanging pot plants from the ceiling. And who could forget the bunting explosion of 2008-2012? You simply couldn't move around a fashionable house without bumping into bunting.

Thankfully, we've come a long way since then. Suspended ferns and strings with miniature flags on them are no longer the most stylish commodities. Today, the latest trend is novelty home decor, like scratch away world maps, scratch away maps of Australia, and moving sand art. Those are the must-have items of right now.

Impress your friends with a scratch away world map

With ordinary world maps, it can be difficult to remember which locations you've been to. Did you really go to Wagga Wagga, or was that merely a fantastic dream? With a scratch away world map, you can update the landscape as you travel across it, and better remember where you've been. Remember the three years you spent in Mogadishu? Well, now you'll never forget.

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