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Celebrate the 100th day of school with an old person costume

As the 100th day of school draws near, many schools nationwide partake in the delightful "100 Days of School" tradition. This tradition involves kindergarteners and young students adorning themselves as centenarians to celebrate this scholastic milestone.

At Blossom Costumes, we have curated a selection of 100 Days of School costumes that encapsulate the spirit of imagination and joy. Join us in commemorating this memorable occasion as we celebrate the 100th day of school with whimsical grandeur and youthful enthusiasm.

From prep and kindergarten to first grade

Our 100 Days Of School costumes are designed to spark young imaginations and bring history to life, allowing children to step into the shoes of beloved senior characters. From wise grandpas with suspenders and canes to sweet grandmas in flowery dresses, pink curlers and shawls, these costumes encourage creativity and foster a deeper understanding of the passage of time.

As students commemorate this special milestone, Blossom Costumes' old people costumes add a touch of nostalgia and educational fun to the celebration, making the 100th day a memorable and enriching experience for all.

Discover the perfect old lady costume for your little girl

The search for the perfect old lady costume for your little girl's 100 Days of School celebration led you to the enchanting world of Blossom Costumes.

In our range of costume options, you’ll find the perfect pieces to create an elderly character. Add a floral dress with a shawl and a pair of oversized glasses to create a look that radiates timeless charm. Don’t forget the accessories with a silver wig, flower clip and teacup to develop her elderly persona fully. With many costume options, your daughter is ready to embrace her role as a little old lady.

Find an old man costume kit for your little boy

Our selection of costume kits offers everything you need to craft a convincing elderly character. Combine a classic suit, suspenders, and a distinguished hat to embody the essence of a wise old man. Complete the transformation with a grey wig, bow tie and a prop cane, ensuring an authentic portrayal.

At Blossom Costumes, we provide diverse options that allow your son to enthusiastically embrace his role as a little old man, injecting a touch of vintage charm into this special milestone celebration.

Teachers, don’t miss out!

Our collection of costumes allows educators to join in the fun and commemorate the milestone in style. With options ranging from grandpa ensembles complete with tweed jackets and bow ties to sweet grandma outfits adorned with floral patterns and pearl necklaces, our costumes capture the essence of elderly characters with attention to detail. Don’t forget to add a touch of baby powder to your roots to complete the old person's look.

Embracing the spirit of the occasion, teachers can step into their roles as beloved senior figures, fostering a memorable and lighthearted atmosphere that reflects the joy of a hundred days of learning and growth.

Grab a grey wig and some glasses to finish the look

Elevate your 100 Days of School old-person costume with our accessories:

  • Vintage-inspired silver wigs for wisdom.
  • Authentic spectacles for character.
  • Graceful walking canes for elegance.
  • Warm scarves and shawls for depth.
  • Pearls and brooches for sophistication.
  • Mismatched socks or knee-highs for charm.

Trust Blossom Costumes for all your costume needs

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  • Find the perfect size fit for every little old lady or man.
  • High-quality costume to last multiple wears.
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  • A wide selection of other costumes for all occasions.

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